Design Electrical Soluction Inc. is a leading communications contractor providing low voltage structured cabling. Our specialists have been providing data and telecommunication solutions to Southeast Michigan for more than thirty years. As a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, our clients are guaranteed, not only the highest skilled workforce, but a staff that is trained and required to meet OSHA safety regulations.

The Design Electrical Soluction Inc. craftsmanship shines throughout all of our projects. From designing and planning, to engineering and consulting, and final installation, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Whether you need a voice or data network solution, a brand new setup, relocation or rebuild, our staff will provide you the quality and customer service you deserve.

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All cabling installations are tested and certified with state of the art testers.

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Design Electrical Soluction Inc provides services to commercial, industrial, residential buildings and more. From small buildings to large buildings, with 30+ years experience...

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For many years the standard Ethernet cable has been the Category 5 (Cat-5). However, the Category 6 (Cat-6), first released in 2002, provides performance up to 250 MHZ. The newer Cat 6a standard performs up to 500 MHZ. Both the Cat 6 and Cat 6a can be used up to 100 meters (55 meters for 10GBASE-T Networks) and is backward compatible with the Cat 3, Cat 5 and Cat 5e cable standards. Like the Cat 5 and Cat 5e cabling, the Cat 6 cables consist of four unshielded twisted pairs (UTP) of copper wire terminated by RJ45 Connectors.

Category Sheilding Max Transmission
Speed (at 100 meters)
Cat 5 Unshielded 10/100 Mbps 100 Mhz
Cat 5e Unshielded 1,000 Mbps/1 Gbps 100 Mhz
Cat 6 Shielded or
1,000 Mbps/Gbps 250 Mhz
Cat 6a Shielded 10,000 Mbps/10 Gbps 500 Mhz


Carhartt Headquarters - Dearborn, MI

  • Square Feet:
  • 45,000
  • Work Completed:
  • Voice/Data Cabling

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Carhartt Headquarters